Definition of treacle tart in English:

treacle tart


  • A pastry tart with a filling made from golden syrup and breadcrumbs.

    • ‘Britons are spurning traditional British puddings such as spotted dick, treacle tart and jam roly poly.’
    • ‘The mere fact of their class assures them that sausage and mash, or treacle tart and ice cream, are rightfully, morally, their preserve.’
    • ‘Oh, and there's treacle tart or very creamy home-made ices for pudding.’
    • ‘If you see hot treacle tart on a menu order it fast.’
    • ‘Wasabi, white miso paste and sushi rice share space with tins of golden syrup (for treacle tart) and packets of Smarties.’
    • ‘On the menus, they had steam puddings, treacle tarts with custard, nothing like that namby-pamby Black Forest Gateau.’
    • ‘Well, a rum baba and a treacle tart were atypically heavy.’
    • ‘Puddings were the usual best-of-Brit treacle tart with anaemic, flabby pastry, and a sticky toffee pudding that was just badly made.’
    • ‘Treacle tart is the name of a dish which contains absolutely no treacle at all.’
    • ‘She was given coffee and a treacle tart.’
    • ‘I have promised Parisian cake, Meg says she'll provide flapjack and Jo says she'll make treacle tart.’
    • ‘Her favourite is rack of lamb, treacle tarts, and Irish farmhouse cheese.’
    • ‘Neither of us had room for the home-made puddings, of which there was a long list, including an old favourite - treacle tart.’
    • ‘Now is the time to dig out classic recipes for forgotten puddings such as treacle tart, Eve's pudding, lemon Meringue pie and Bakewell tart.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the kitchen was closed and while others had sandwiches that were available, I was forced (yeah right) to chose some treacle tart.’
    • ‘We had sandwiches and grapes and treacle tart - all the ingredients of an traditional picnic - while the cats stalked around the garden.’
    • ‘For the second time in recent months Michael Winner castigates a treacle tart for its lack of treacle.’
    • ‘In the first programme, Heston tried his hand at two dishes: sausage and mash, and treacle tart with ice cream.’
    • ‘I've been going to Langan's for maybe 25 years and I've never been disappointed - they do great puddings, treacle tart and gorgeous custard today.’
    • ‘He drove the baker's van, and was Ernie's rival for the widow's affections, offering her treacle tarts and hot meat pies.’