Definition of treacherously in English:



  • See treacherous

    • ‘It rained heavily during the afternoon, which made the stages very muddy and treacherously slippy.’
    • ‘As it was, hopeful rather than thoughtful balls were plummeted into a two man full-forward line that had virtually no chance of securing possession given the tendency of the ball to skid away from them on the treacherously greasy surface.’
    • ‘I defy anyone who hasn't read the book to decipher this film, to understand the implications, motivations and emotional complexities of a story dependent on treacherously subtle codes of conduct.’
    • ‘But I made an exception for this very tiny stretch of road, along this particularly treacherously dangerous, high-traffic road.’
    • ‘The snow is treacherously soft: I can't cross where I'd planned.’