Definition of trawlerman in English:



  • See trawler

    • ‘I felt a little uncharitable: maybe they were just honest but hard-up Grimsby trawlermen, reduced to hawking their catch on the streets.’
    • ‘In the 1990s, when increasingly stringent regulations to protect the fisheries were being imposed, tempers among trawlermen who felt their livelihoods threatened often became frayed, leading to high-profile confrontations.’
    • ‘Shellfish is a sustainable fishery and the trawlermen saw that, called it a day and are reaping the rewards.’
    • ‘The Government compensation is for trawlermen hit by the Cod Wars in the 1970s when the industry collapsed because the British fleet was barred from Icelandic waters.’
    • ‘Life as a Grimsby trawlerman has never been easy, but the rewards were still there 100 years ago.’