Definition of travelling wave in English:

travelling wave


  • A wave in which the positions of maximum and minimum amplitude travel through the medium.

    • ‘The significance of local resonance in the cochlea has been well recognized, and local resonance can be considered as a limit where the traveling wave's group velocity substantially decreases while within a region of very light damping.’
    • ‘In the middle phase, cooperators form traveling waves that are eroded on one side by new defectors and built up on the other by converted loners.’
    • ‘With this setup it is possible to initiate traveling waves and to control the wave velocity.’
    • ‘In effect, they trade the translational kinetic energy of a traveling wave for more displacement energy in a standing wave.’
    • ‘In the actual system, the aft half of the body undulates with a traveling wave of increasing amplitude envelope as described in Anderson and Kerrebrock.’