Definition of travelling scholarship in English:

travelling scholarship


  • A scholarship given to enable the holder to travel for the purpose of study or research.

    • ‘Or he could accept a travelling scholarship from the university and see the world.’
    • ‘Many Canadian colleges have travelling scholarships where students can come and work for a year.’
    • ‘Among numerous prizes he won, traveling scholarships made possible his first two trips to Europe, in 1905 and 1907-10.’
    • ‘When Stott, the son of a Rochdale alderman and mill owner, died on 19 March 1918 just a month before his 63rd birthday he left £25,000, a staggering amount in those days, to the Royal Academy to provide travelling scholarships.’
    • ‘Jim, having missed out on a postgraduate travelling scholarship, had no clear-cut path before him and began an inconclusive search for employment.’
    • ‘Securing a travelling scholarship, he began making cylinder recordings of the cowboys, poor blacks and generally disenfranchised labourers he encountered in the American Southwest.’
    • ‘After studying painting at Edinburgh College of Art, 1932-6, and history of art at Edinburgh University, 1936-7, he spent a year in Europe on a travelling scholarship, working under Léger in Paris for several months.’
    • ‘After a short spell in general practice she trained in obstetrics and gynaecology, spending a year in the United States on a travelling scholarship, partly at the Mayo Clinic.’
    • ‘He emerged with a travelling scholarship to Rome.’
    • ‘Soon after democracy returned to the country, he persuaded the University of Sheffield to offer free travelling scholarships for teachers of dentistry in Poland, enabling 300 people to receive vital training.’
    • ‘Born in Scotland in 1943, MacLennan grew up in Kinross and studied art at Dundee before a travelling scholarship took him to the Art Institute of Chicago and the first jolt in his perceived notion of art.’
    • ‘I knew Hartwell personally, as we had both been Australian postgraduate students studying at the University of Oxford during the late 1940s, which had been made possible by Australian National University travelling scholarships.’
    • ‘In Florence, through his translations of English verse, he was introduced to the English critic Vemon Lee, who helped him when he was given a traveling scholarship to England in 1923.’
    • ‘As part of his award, Mr Clegg will now be going to Chicago to further hone his design skills on a travelling scholarship.’
    • ‘At the end of his student period he won a travelling scholarship that enabled him to spend several months in Rome and Venice.’
    • ‘During the final two years of his studies, he visited Europe twice, once on a traveling scholarship awarded to him by the academy in 1967.’
    • ‘Awarded a Rouse Ball travelling scholarship, he spent 1924-25 at the Sorbonne.’
    • ‘In that year he won the Baumgarten Prize and a one-year travelling scholarship to England.’
    • ‘After graduating, he was given a travelling scholarship and, with Betty and their two daughters, Trocchi travelled widely in the Mediterranean before settling in Paris.’
    • ‘Gear's education included a year on a travelling scholarship and was unremittingly cosmopolitan.’