Definition of traveller in English:


(US traveler)


  • 1A person who is travelling or who often travels.

    ‘thousands of air travellers were left stranded’
    ‘business travellers’
    • ‘Holiday air travelers found a new security equation in place.’
    • ‘Retrospective questionnaire surveys in tourists and business travellers found that sleep disturbance and psychosis were common.’
    • ‘He provides business travelers and vacationers advice on how to experience exotic locations and new places without ever being truly touched or connected to them.’
    • ‘But business travellers almost always travel on weekdays, and they hate spending a weekend away from home.’
    • ‘Iqaluit-Pangnirtung air travellers also enjoy lower fares because of competition, he said.’
    • ‘Canadian planes were ordered to land at the closest national airport, stranding thousands of air travellers.’
    • ‘This term is misleading, as the same risk factors may apply to first-class and business-class air travellers as well as travel by road and rail.’
    • ‘However, these measures were put in place to deal with potential threats to air travelers are geared to ensure passengers' safety.’
    • ‘Most airlines use 21 days, 14 days, and 7 days to differentiate between vacationers and business travelers.’
    • ‘Traveler decorum dictates that travelers are guests in the hospital.’
    • ‘She has also noted that business travellers are travelling less frequent than before.’
    • ‘He said the airline wanted to provide top-class travel for the business traveller and it had built up a record of service that it would not compromise.’
    • ‘This is because Taiwanese carriers can expect to enjoy higher demand from increasing numbers of business travelers and tourists travelling between Taiwan and North America.’
    • ‘It inconveniences thousands and thousands of air travelers and disrupts the system, but it assures the security of the system.’
    • ‘It's a no-brainer to support high-speed trains that take business and pleasure travelers out of the air and put them back on the ground for trips of three hours or less.’
    • ‘The survey also found that 59 per cent of travellers surveyed thought business class fares were poor value for money.’
    • ‘Grounded planes in Canada and the U.S. stranded hundreds of thousands of air travelers in dark terminals.’
    • ‘The shutdown of air traffic after 9/11 stranded thousands of travelers and disrupted business.’
    • ‘Japan is now expecting 16 percent fewer foreign visitors than normal during the cup, as business travelers and regular tourists stay away.’
    • ‘The fares are aimed at business travelers unable to plan travel far in advance.’
    passenger, tourist, tripper, tourer, journeyer, voyager, excursionist, holidaymaker, sightseer, visitor, globetrotter, jet-setter
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    1. 1.1British A Gypsy or other nomadic person.
      • ‘Police have revealed a feud between rival travellers ' gangs led to three men being shot in Wickford.’
      • ‘Millionaire residents have been stunned to learn of a farmer's plan to sell land in their affluent Cheshire neighbourhood to gypsy travellers.’
      • ‘Many Romany gypsies and Irish travellers have since been unable to find suitable sites and have occupied land without planning permission.’
      • ‘Mr James, who recovered, was left in intensive care after a brawl at a travellers ' wedding led to him being shot.’
      • ‘The proposals were first floated in a report produced by a council-led scrutiny inquiry into gypsies and travellers and were revealed in the Daily Echo in October.’
    2. 1.2British A person who holds New Age values and leads an itinerant and unconventional lifestyle.
      gypsy, romany, tzigane, didicoi
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