Definition of travel card in English:

travel card


  • A prepaid card allowing unlimited travel on buses or trains for a specified period of time.

    ‘a one-day travel card’
    • ‘I have very rarely done this, and on the occasions it has happened I have almost always thought at some point in the day, ‘I hope I don't lose my travel card today ’, which isn't something I generally think.’
    • ‘I like walking and during that time it was obvious I would choose walks within London because I could afford a travel card but I could not go further afield.’
    • ‘Swipe cards seem so dated when you can make your way around turnstiles without even taking your travel card out of your wallet.’
    • ‘Instead, he was seen using his travel card to pass through the barriers, and even paused to pick up a free newspaper.’
    • ‘Figures show he has spent 1,488 on an all zones travel card, 234 on taxis, 152 on mileage and 135 on sundry expenses.’
    • ‘Most study abroad programs (even the summer ones) incorporate a length-of-stay travel card into the cost of the program.’
    • ‘But what actually made him persist with the demand was the fact that unlike him, many others were not carrying the smart travel cards but simple paper tickets.’
    • ‘But what if the smartcard was sold as nothing more emotive than a travel card - a high-tech, credit card-sized device designed to speed our way through our troubled public transport system?’
    • ‘Unable to get a taxi, she heads for Charing Cross tube station, buys a used travel card from a homeless girl and waits for the last train.’
    • ‘That's because, as of Sunday, the price of a bus fare went up from £1 to £1.20, and a peak-time zones one and two day travel card soared up 70p to £6.’
    • ‘Everyone in Dublin, would just like they do in Paris, would buy a monthly travel card for bus and rail for €44 - instead of paying €86 as they do now.’
    • ‘But Jean's cousins have revealed that he was wearing a light denim jacket and that he used his travel card to enter the tube.’
    • ‘How come you are allowed to run up a bill on a travel card?’
    • ‘Some are also providing a rent allowance or travel card to staff.’
    • ‘Anything will do - a pension book, driving licence, travel card or something like that.’
    • ‘Hiring a car is probably a better option or, alternatively, a three-day travel card for public transport costs less than €3.’
    • ‘An adult one day travel card covering zones 1-4 costs £4.70 (off peak).’
    • ‘You don't realise how many different expenses you are going to face when you start a job and having the travel card makes a huge difference.’
    • ‘The rail deal offered customers a package containing a mobile phone and discount travel card but has so far failed to take off.’
    • ‘A three-month travel card costs the equivalent of €30.’