Definition of trashiness in English:



  • See trashy

    • ‘The fact is, practitioners of the form have ever known about rock's low aspirations, its delinquent sensibility, its ugliness and lewdness, and its implicit trashiness and disposability.’
    • ‘Thirdly, the fact that I should seek to a connection between myself, a talent show host and a great author is a great consolation, as it confirms to me my own trashiness and vanity.’
    • ‘Their popularity presupposes their trashiness.’
    • ‘If the film-makers choose to emphasize the concept's inherent trashiness, and gloss up the grindhouse elements, this could be something exhilarating.’
    • ‘In honour of the sheer trashiness of the occasion I was drinking champagne with raspberry cordial in it.’