Definition of trap shooting in English:

trap shooting


mass noun
  • The sport of shooting at clay pigeons released from a spring trap.

    • ‘Really, until Major Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore won the silver at Athens, I did not know what trap shooting was and that India had representatives in the event at the Olympic Games.’
    • ‘The down-the line events are more or less conventional trap shooting with the clays being released away from the shooter.’
    • ‘There was also trap shooting at clay pigeons and maybe even a shooting gallery below decks.’
    • ‘To fix this, I suggest you repeat your two very best appearances over the past few weeks: Windsurfing off Nantucket and trap shooting in Ohio.’
    • ‘Although lead shot is banned for hunting waterfowl in both the US and Canada, it can still be used for hunting upland birds and for trap shooting, which occurs in some of the areas where Trumpeter Swans winter.’