Definition of transversality in English:



  • See transversal

    • ‘Given a closed Riemannian manifold M, we construct a suitable class of perturbations to achieve Morse-Smale transversality for the heat equation.’
    • ‘His work on topology, in particular on characteristic classes, cobordism theory and the Thom transversality theorem led to his being awarded a Fields medal in 1958.’
    • ‘His essay, ‘The Three Ecologies,’ is only 42 pages long, but the translators' notes and introduction take up 57 pages, and the editor's essay on his ‘transversality’ another 54.’
    • ‘In the idea of ‘dissensus’, the author acknowledges and advocates individual competence as a social force that can precipitate the kind of initiation essential to transversality.’
    • ‘The method is an application of the weak transversality theorem used in catastrophe theory.’