Definition of transporter in English:



  • 1A person or thing that transports something.

    • ‘In the proposed bylaw, it is not only sand miners who will be sanctioned but also transporters and traders.’
    • ‘By the time a product arrives on the supermarket shelf the cost of the food is a small proportion of the total, which has been bumped up by transporters, packagers, distributors and retailers.’
    • ‘Even the exporters and transporters who risk life and limb to get cocaine into the US are not the ones making the super profits.’
    • ‘Transporters, particularly passenger transporters will clamour for increased fares in order to cover the added cost of petrol and diesel.’
    • ‘Waste management also has division of labor and is undertaken by transporters that carry waste to the heap margins and heap workers that manage the heap.’
    • ‘For example, for a long time the government did not allow the non-life insurers to revise upwards the motor insurance premium rates due to the pressure from the transporters' lobby.’
    • ‘Taxes collected from the transporters should not be diverted for other purpose.’
    • ‘Workers at businesses and municipalities that have tested the transporters aren't exactly sending in rave reviews, either.’
    • ‘The order against the distributors and transporters of whole-sale meat and meat products was made in regard to the slicing or cooked ham or any cooked meat.’
    • ‘Both commuters and transporters deserve a fair deal.’
    • ‘In some cases, management also charges registration fee from the transporters on a unit vehicle basis.’
    • ‘And what's the security systems and access to saleyards will be impostered on transporters and buyers but also the producers themselves.’
    • ‘The Department has reminded all farmers and transporters of livestock that farm animals are at risk of suffering from heat stress during hot summer weather.’
    • ‘One of Western Australia's biggest livestock transporters is about to increase his cartage rates.’
    • ‘Britain is one of the world's biggest transporters of radioactive material.’
    • ‘PETA's investigations into the trade in cattle, goats, sheep and other animals have revealed beatings, mutilation and miserable deaths at the hands of transporters and abattoir workers.’
    • ‘It is estimated that 25,000 jobs could be at risk if the problems of Scotland's fishing fleets and of processors and transporters are not tackled.’
    • ‘The opening up of the roads will make it easier for transporters and traders to go deep in the remote areas to reach farmers who have the crop.’
    • ‘It is incumbent upon the authorities to meet with road transporters and where need be smooth out the technical details of how maize could be brought into the country without delay.’
    • ‘During the past 11 years, the company has supplied to Bulgarian private transporters more than 600 new heavy trucks for international transport.’
    1. 1.1 A large vehicle used to carry heavy objects, e.g. cars.
      • ‘Three different variants of Viking are being delivered to the Royal Marines - a standard troop transporter, a command vehicle and a repair and recovery model.’
      • ‘The heavy equipment transporter and heavy expanded mobility tactical truck are in similar age classes, with average fleet ages of 9.2 years and 14.8 years respectively.’
      • ‘Because I have a transporter that can carry two cars, I told him that he can put his dragster on my hauler and I'll transport it to the races.’
      • ‘You can see in the yellow squares that are shown in this picture one of the bunkers where there's a truck and a heavy equipment transporter parked in front of the bunker.’
      • ‘They damaged the door and side of his car transporter and also knocked lights off the vehicle.’
      • ‘We then helped load the cars onto a vehicle transporter that had arrived.’
      • ‘This is especially the case with outsize vehicles, like heavy trucks and tank transporters.’
      • ‘The US troops suffered no casualties but they left behind at least three destroyed vehicles - a transporter, a five-tonne truck and at least one Humvee.’
      • ‘Kits protecting heavy expanded mobility trucks, medium tactical vehicles and heavy equipment transporters were rushed to the theater.’
      • ‘A second serious accident took place on Sunday evening at the White Mills involving three vehicles, one of which was towing a car transporter.’
      • ‘But as the train was being put back on transporters for the trip home, one of the two motorised carriages slipped and a transformer was damaged, delaying its return to service until today.’
      • ‘Huge heavy equipment transporters roll up to the riverbank and drop floating pieces of bridge the size of moving vans into the water.’
      • ‘It is a case about a motorcar transporter trailer and driving lessons.’
      • ‘Some employees were even forced to prove ownership of their own cars as officials tried to load their vehicles on to the transporters as well.’
      • ‘The car was hit from behind and was rammed into the back of a car transporter, police said.’
      • ‘The idea of sponsored reservists employed by private companies is also being applied to the private-finance deal planned for heavy equipment transporters.’
      • ‘The £300 million deal involves supplying tank transporters to bring heavy armour to the battlefield.’
      • ‘We don't have transporters, but we have wireless communications.’
      • ‘Detectives are investigating whether a transporter was used to carry the cars away.’
    2. 1.2 (in science fiction) a device that conveys people or things instantaneously from one place to another.
      • ‘The Raptor then swept in low and several transporter beams appeared on the surface.’
      • ‘The subway must have been the original inspiration for the transporter device used in the series.’
      • ‘To his luck, the aliens were a few levels beneath him, near the supply transporter pad.’
      • ‘Then they walked out of the transporter room, smiling and laughing.’
      • ‘This device is called a transporter, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.’
      • ‘I've always thought the same applies to transporter devices.’
      • ‘Other effects excel, such as the ghoulish twins and their transporter beam shenanigans.’
      • ‘What's happened to transporters, interstellar travel, the alien visitors (friendly, mind), roll up tellys, and colour changing wallpaper?’
      • ‘She then tiptoed to the transporter room, to see that Himeko wasn't there.’
      • ‘She did this while also putting his things on a nearby transporter pad, in fact.’
      • ‘Aficionados all share a certain fondness for the transporter, the device that allowed the intrepid crew of the Enterprise to plunk down on various planets without benefit of spacecraft.’
      • ‘Kitara ran off the transporter pad and into her father's arms.’
      • ‘The whole notion of the transporter, which is admittedly one of the favorite devices in this mythos, created scores of problems in a dramatic context.’
      bearer, conveyor
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