Definition of transportable in English:



  • 1Able to be carried or moved.

    ‘the first transportable phones’
    • ‘It is easily transportable and nontaxable - the lessons learned on how to live and work with others and enjoy and respect them all.’
    • ‘Easily transportable, the design can be rebuilt to create a number of different gardens and the students are hoping to sell the concept once it has appeared at the show.’
    • ‘The main criteria for its design were that it be modular, easily transportable, and able to be erected within a day.’
    • ‘The tree lay supine across the street and vehicles had to take a detour for over three hours, which time it took the Corporation employees to axe the tree into transportable portions.’
    • ‘It lies between what is easily transportable and holds well, what can be eaten cold or easily kept hot and what can be cooked on the spot.’
    • ‘The wheel is smaller than the London Eye, at 135-metres, but unlike the Eye, it is transportable and is the biggest of its kind in the world.’
    • ‘Oil and gas are not ‘energy,’ but they are the cheapest and most easily transportable sources for it.’
    • ‘It doesn't work against chemical and biological weapons which are easily transportable.’
    • ‘After World War II there was a boom of this very type, offered on a large scale at affordable prices and in obsessively homogeneous prototypes, easily transportable and erectable.’
    • ‘Because localized knowledge and relations are not easily transportable across space, foreign subsidiaries often assume the responsibility of tailoring global products to local markets.’
    • ‘My exhibition next year in Philadelphia also will be of those robust forms, as they are transportable.’
    • ‘Traffic along Brand Highway was delayed for a short time this week when police escorted two trucks carrying a transportable home from Bluff Point to Walkaway.’
    • ‘Working with the easily transportable medium of video enabled the group to show their achievement to a wider community.’
    • ‘Traditionally famed for their horsemanship and hospitality, many Mongolians still lead nomadic lives, moving their transportable houses or ‘yurts’ between summer and winter grazing grounds.’
    • ‘Although their original use has long since disappeared, these dolls are still made, particularly for sale, because they are easily transportable and attractive to foreigners.’
    • ‘These birds don't ask for a lot in the way of accommodation - a transportable cage is all they need, with a small box attached where they can roost and lay eggs.’
    • ‘Like all staff he sleeps in a transportable building known as a ‘donga’, air conditioned, some with and some without en-suite.’
    • ‘For Edison to overthrow the existing system of gas lighting, he needed to do more than simply devise a way to produce light that was cleaner, cheaper, and more transportable than gas.’
    • ‘The system is strategically transportable and tactically mobile.’
    • ‘And if all goes wrong, the gear is transportable, the dust proof boxes housing the main components even have slots for fork lifts, and it can all be carted away.’
    mobile, portable, movable, manoeuvrable, light, lightweight
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  • 2historical (of an offender or an offence) punishable by transportation.

    • ‘Common sense and usual business practice prevailed along with generalised desires to rid the kingdom of unwanted transportable convicts.’
    • ‘Something had to be done about the state of crime, the numbers of transportable convicts not yet transported.’
    • ‘The present plan would remove from that prison a large portion of the transportable convicts who ought to be supported by the public and not by the city.’
    travelling, transferable, portable, movable, locomotive, manoeuvrable
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  • A large portable computer or telephone.