Definition of transplantation in English:



mass noun
  • 1The process of taking an organ or living tissue and implanting it in another part of the body or in another body.

    ‘patients undergoing lung transplantation’
    ‘the transplantation of donor stem cells’
    count noun ‘experts in the field of transplantations’
    • ‘Bone marrow transplants are a common form of stem cell transplantation.’
    • ‘Have they thought of lung transplantation in your case?’
    • ‘The demand for liver transplantations is growing rapidly.’
    • ‘Corneas can be retrieved for transplantation as viable tissues, and so can skin, for even up to twenty-four hours after death in a conventional sense.’
    • ‘Pancreatic transplantation is offered only to people with very severe diabetes and renal failure.’
    • ‘The hospital has also conducted about 200 transplantations.’
    • ‘The possibility of a kidney transplantation should not be excluded on non-medical grounds.’
    • ‘They died because not enough organs were donated for transplantation.’
    • ‘She was transferred to the hospital for further treatment and went on to have a successful heart transplantation.’
    • ‘Most of the stem cells died after transplantation.’
  • 2The movement or transfer of someone or something to another place or situation.

    ‘the proposal seeks felling or transplantation of 468 trees’
    ‘large-scale transplantation of technologies from abroad’
    • ‘Supervising the move was the director of the botanical garden, who has been researching cactus transplantation since 1989.’
    • ‘The difficult transplantation of the wild plants meant that domestic plantations were not easily founded.’
    • ‘The ease of transplantation of tobacco stands in stark contrast to the caffeine crops.’
    • ‘It sought to understand Australian history more broadly as a transplantation of European civilisation.’
    • ‘Transplantation of slum dwellers from the cities to other areas has been under way.’