Definition of transplantable in English:



  • See transplant

    • ‘The current penal code provides for up to two years imprisonment in the case of illicit import and export of transplantable material.’
    • ‘We review the evidence and arguments that expose these problems and present an alternative ethical framework to guide the procurement of transplantable organs.’
    • ‘And they're working on the transgenic pig that will grow transplantable organs.’
    • ‘Recent advances in human tissue transplantation have created an exploding commercial industry for the purpose of supplying hospitals and clinics with transplantable human tissue.’
    • ‘Second, stem cells may prove to be an indispensable source of transplantable cells and tissues for repair and regeneration.’
    • ‘At the very beginning of the organ transplant era some people feared that their doctors might hasten their deaths in order to obtain transplantable organs.’