Definition of transparently in English:



  • 1In an honest and open manner.

    ‘she transparently articulates the thought process she goes through’
    ‘a civic duty to act transparently’
    ‘the university has pledged to operate transparently, promising to share findings’
    • ‘The companies acknowledge a civic duty to act transparently and respond constructively to public criticism.’
    • ‘They must operate transparently and ethically to maintain trust.’
    • ‘He added that all salary negotiations must be conducted transparently.’
    • ‘He is even more transparently vulnerable in his poems of desire and self-confession.’
    • ‘Every manager faces opportunities to lead transparently.’
  • 2Computing
    (with reference to a process) without the user being aware.

    ‘the job of streaming data to the receiver is handled transparently by a server program’
    • ‘Computers on the trusted network can transparently access other departmental services.’
    • ‘It would be more efficient if issues of storage placement were handled transparently in the distributed file system.’
    • ‘Normally, errors are handled transparently by the drive up to a given point.’
    • ‘In the event of a server failure, user requests are transparently redirected to other available servers.’
    • ‘Every metro network must interoperate transparently with the internet.’