Definition of transonic in English:


(also trans-sonic)


  • Denoting or relating to speeds close to that of sound.

    • ‘This isn't to make the aerodynamics of a trans-sonic aircraft sound simple - a lot more is going on with the airflow - but I hope it's enough to answer your question.’
    • ‘You don't want an arm sticking out when you go from transonic to supersonic.’
    • ‘When a bullet in free flight is in transonic velocity range both above and below the speed of sound, it's subject to forces detrimental to accuracy.’
    • ‘Aerodynamic forces cause vibrations at the tip of a blade where the effects of transonic speeds cause buffeting and vibration.’
    • ‘It is primarily intended to benefit aircraft that operate in the transonic speed range.’


1940s: from trans- ‘through, across’ + sonic, on the pattern of words such as supersonic.