Definition of transom window in English:

transom window


  • A window set above the transom of a door or larger window; a fanlight.

    • ‘Flashes of light were coming through the transom window of an office down the hall.’
    • ‘They've wisely kept some of the original architectural features intact, like the leaded-glass transom windows - a nice touch.’
    • ‘During the indicated time frame, he opened the middle transom window in his apartment, which was the window he normally used.’
    • ‘The moon was shining through the transom windows illuminating the scored concrete floor.’
    • ‘Now, French doors connect the new room to a wide deck, while transom windows above the doors brighten once-gloomy high ceilings.’
    • ‘The only embellishments are the narrow sidelights flanking the front door and the small transom window above it.’
    • ‘And although transom windows are new to the home, they're consistent with its era and style.’
    • ‘French doors, double-hung windows, and transom windows face the garden.’
    • ‘Nearby, burglars used the householder's own sledge hammer to smash a rear transom window to gain entry and steal over £3,000 of cash and jewellery.’