Definition of transoceanic in English:


Pronunciation /trɑːnsəʊʃɪˈanɪk//ˌtranzəʊsɪˈanɪk//ˌtransəʊʃɪˈanɪk//ˌtransəʊsɪˈanɪk//ˌtrɑːnzəʊʃɪˈanɪk//ˌtrɑːnzəʊsɪˈanɪk//trɑːnsəʊsɪˈanɪk//ˌtranzəʊʃɪˈanɪk/


  • 1Crossing an ocean.

    ‘the transoceanic cable system’
    • ‘Although amphetamines can be prescribed by flight surgeons to pilots on transoceanic transport flights, they are not supposed to be used for combat missions.’
    • ‘The China Clipper was about to make transoceanic passenger service a reality.’
    • ‘He discusses the science of the telegraph and the transoceanic telegraph cables that linked the world.’
    • ‘Reliance was planning to acquire the transoceanic cable provider for around $211 million in cash, with a price of $97.41 per share.’
    • ‘It was impressive considering that the largest undersea transoceanic telephone cable at the time carried only 256 channels.’
    • ‘My question is do you think that there will be a successful low-cost carrier to ply transoceanic routes?’
    • ‘But, like all living creatures, birds are fallible even without the storms and transoceanic journeys.’
    • ‘While reaffirming the legal point about physical possession, this passage also makes it clear that, according to civil law, transoceanic enterprises had to be authorized by a Christian monarch.’
    • ‘Obviously, it would not significantly affect longer nonstop and transoceanic flights.’
    • ‘Meanwhile burgeoning transoceanic commerce, resulting in regular and improved shipping (steamships were introduced by the 1840s), facilitated the migration process.’
    • ‘Second, the flight was an opportunity to build on previous successes in transoceanic flying.’
    • ‘Diabetes is a condition which usually disqualifies a skipper from transoceanic solo racing.’
    • ‘It literally depends on that transoceanic pipe.’
    • ‘Carriers vie for global telecom domination, investing in state-of-the-art networks comprised of transcontinental backbones and transoceanic cables, but bandwidth paucity persists.’
    • ‘In 1874, Brazil was connected to Europe by transoceanic cable.’
    • ‘Though they are not ships, oil and gas rigs in the ocean, and transoceanic cables too, are as worthy of naval attack and defense as any ship might be.’
    • ‘A specification for a transoceanic transport airplane usually described a range of 4000 miles, roughly the distance from bases in northeastern United States to bases in West Germany.’
    • ‘He was the first person to chart the flow of the Gulf Stream, to conduct deep-sea soundings, and to imagine the potential of a transoceanic cable.’
    • ‘Although remarkable, these voyages were not truly transoceanic; the Indian Ocean often being viewed as the Asian counterpart to the Mediterraean Sea.’
    • ‘Of course the delay in delivering a letter across the Atlantic Ocean was considerable in those days, the first transoceanic telegraph still decades in the future.’
    1. 1.1 Coming from or situated beyond an ocean.
      ‘there is a higher rate for letters intended for transoceanic countries’
      • ‘The energy and momentum of these transoceanic waves can take them thousands of kilometers from their origin before slamming into far-distant islands or coastal areas.’
      • ‘Commitment to a transoceanic community evidently persisted for decades.’
      • ‘Taking place in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco with intimations of its transoceanic neighbor, Japan, the play already fails by not making these places compellingly present.’
      • ‘Second, the European powers that generated transoceanic settlements were typically much smaller in territory than their overseas outposts and in due course became so in population, too.’