Definition of transmission line in English:

transmission line


  • A conductor or conductors designed to carry electricity or an electrical signal over large distances with minimum losses and distortion.

    • ‘Every transmission line has capacitive and inductive effects.’
    • ‘By reversing the positions of the inductors and the capacitors, the transmission line becomes the analogue of a negative-index medium.’
    • ‘An accident point locating system locates an accident point on a power transmission line.’
    • ‘One is a transmission line from a transformer, the other a feeder line to a house.’
    • ‘Ancillary work has begun - the laying of water pipelines and construction of an electricity transmission line - despite opposition.’
    • ‘The test signals are received at a receiving end of the transmission line and the amplitudes of the received signal are measured.’
    • ‘This would have made the coast self-sufficient and obviate the need to upgrade the transmission line from Kikiwa and Islington.’
    • ‘Utility officials said the outage was caused by a faulty transmission line separating the two countries.’
    • ‘Most power cuts in city are due to incidents such as tripping of a transmission line or transformer failure and these are usually localised events.’
    • ‘This voltage reflects back along the transmission line to the source, where if not fully damped may reflect again to the receiver, and may repeat until effectively damped.’
    • ‘In Connecticut, residents heard an emergency plea from the governor to cut back on power use after a state transmission line that feeds the southwest part of the state failed early on Friday.’
    • ‘Instead, we were told an interesting scientific fact that there is energy loss every time it goes over a transmission line.’
    • ‘It is the job of the transmission line to deliver the transmitter signal to the antenna and the received signal from the antenna to the receiver.’
    • ‘This feature sends a signal with a sharp edge down the transmission line and looks for reflections due to impedance imperfections.’
    • ‘In the present invention, a transmission line length estimation circuit with continuous feedback equalizer is provided.’
    • ‘At the top, diverse micropowers (solar photovoltaics, wind, microturbines running on natural gas, and biofuels) feed a medium-sized transmission line.’
    • ‘When that bow wave hits the start of the transmission line, it bounces back, catches up to the mobile boundary, and gets reflected again there.’
    • ‘Actually, the repeater does no routing, as the same transmission line supports both packet ingress and egress.’
    • ‘In response, a small army of project developers descended on practically every location in the U.S. where a gas pipeline came close to a power transmission line.’