Definition of translunar in English:



  • Relating to or denoting the trajectory of a spacecraft travelling between the earth and the moon.

    • ‘He sent men out of Earth's orbit for the first time with the command, ‘You are go for TLI’ (translunar injection).’
    • ‘For example, the initial stage could provide the translunar insertion burn, then stay attached on the way to the moon.’
    • ‘The spacecraft breaks out of Earth's orbit and establishes a translunar trajectory, or path toward the Moon.’
    • ‘Two opportunities for translunar injection are provided.’
    • ‘The upper stage is jettisoned after the translunar injection burn, leaving the Soyuz and logistics module to complete the six-day round-trip mission.’
    • ‘If the parking orbit's plane is not the same as the moon's, the translunar trajectory will be inclined to the moon's orbit but this is no problem.’
    • ‘The highly technical reports of Apollo, accessible to but not generally understood by the public, give the three-dimensional details of the translunar trajectory.’