Definition of Transjordanian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the former region of Transjordan, east of the River Jordan, or its inhabitants.

    ‘the Transjordanian kingdoms’
    • ‘The geological depression that separates the mountain of Palestine from the transjordanian plateau is characterised in the map by the meandering course of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea basin.’
    • ‘He found it increasingly difficult to reward his traditional Transjordanian supporters with public jobs.’
    • ‘The original Transjordanian population of 400,000 suddenly found itself outnumbered.’
    • ‘He had Transjordanian decorations.’
    • ‘The squadron aided the Transjordanian army to quell unrest in the district.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the former region of Transjordan, east of the River Jordan.

    ‘only one of the elected members was not a Transjordanian by birth’
    • ‘The Foreign Minister resigned and was replaced by someone who was recognized as a Transjordanian.’
    • ‘Happily the Transjordanians reassure their brothers.’
    • ‘This strategy seems to be aimed also at co-opting key constituencies such as Transjordanians and the business community.’
    • ‘Two Transjordanians served as cabinet members.’
    • ‘A leader of a prestigious university research center, a Transjordanian, stated emphatically that "You cannot force people to choose."’