Definition of transitively in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtransɪtɪvli//ˈtranzɪtɪvli/


  • See transitive

    • ‘In this instance ‘is’ speaks transitively and means approximately ‘gathered together,’ ‘collected.’’
    • ‘In these examples, the meaning of the verb does not change whether it is used transitively or intransitively.’
    • ‘Many verbs that are usually intransitive are also used transitively in Greek.’
    • ‘Like most English prepositions, near can be used either transitively (with a noun-phrase complement) or intransitively (without a complement).’
    • ‘The available evidence thus does not make it clear that this verb can be used transitively, the ‘it’ of ‘suffice it to say’ not being particularly referential.’