Definition of transition curve in English:

transition curve


  • A curve of constantly changing radius, used to connect a circular arc to a straight line or to an arc of different curvature.

    • ‘The threshold values observed while increasing D are close to the thresholds corresponding to the transition curve.’
    • ‘Heterogeneity will have a negligible impact on the overall network behavior here, because the system is far from the transition curve.’
    • ‘As one jumps from one pattern of activity to another, a clear slope discontinuity is observed along the transition curve.’
    • ‘Quenching, followed by tempering, produces superior toughness as indicated by the shift of the impact energy transition curve to lower temperatures.’
    • ‘Use of phase diagrams consisting of solubility curve and liquid-liquid phase transition curve is the basic strategy in selecting the solution parameters conducive to protein crystallization.’