Definition of transire in English:


Pronunciation /tranˈzʌɪə//tranˈzʌɪri/


  • (in the UK) a customs document on which the cargo loaded on to a ship is listed, issued to prove that the goods listed on it have come from a home port rather than an overseas one.

    • ‘Spare parts may be imported into the Bahamas duty free, as long as the boat they are intended for has a cruising permit and transire (issued upon entrance into the Bahamas).’
    • ‘When a general transire is in force the master merely lodges notices before loading or discharging cargo.’
    • ‘All such vessels shall produce transires in duplicate, signed and certified to by the customs at the Liberian port of shipment, such transires to detail quantities and values.’
    • ‘If the holder of the general transire shall fail to furnish the account of the cargo and the notices herein referred to the master of the ship shall be liable to the penalty provided in Section 68.’


Late 16th century: from Latin transire ‘go across’.