Definition of transhumant in English:



  • See transhumance

    • ‘Nomadic and transhumant pastoralists use mobility to manage uncertainty and risk (such as drought, diseases, raids, insect vectors).’
    • ‘Lasting 140 mins, the piece majestically yet intimately follows transhumant shepherds through the spectacular landscapes of the Northern Plateaus.’
    • ‘Historically, its people engaged predominantly in animal husbandry, especially transhumant nomadism with herds of sheep, cattle, and goats.’
    • ‘The previous winter, the snows on the heights of the Alborz mountains had been poor, and there was little snow melt water to irrigate the high pastures of the Kurdish transhumant tribes.’
    • ‘Until about the middle of the twentieth century, the Andorran economy was based on transhumant shepherding and the breeding of cattle and horses.’