Definition of transgenics in English:


plural noun

  • usually treated as singular The branch of biology concerned with transgenic organisms.

    • ‘Of these, 123 were fertile, but yielded no transgenics.’
    • ‘He's 62 now, and his latest research is animal transgenics, examining how animals' genes can be altered to make their organs more suitable for human transplantation.’
    • ‘However, attempts to produce such transgenics have failed owing to the poor regeneration rates of the somatic embryogenesis protocols used.’
    • ‘However, transgenics and seed treatments require that the plants be fed on, since most control is obtained through systemic activity.’
    • ‘Also interesting to note is that this variety was created by ‘traditional’ breeding methods by crossing resistant strains; no transgenics at all.’
    • ‘Reports of ‘high-level’ fructan accumulation in transgenics are common, but suffer from a lack of definition of what ‘high-level’ might mean.’