Definition of transformational in English:



  • 1Relating to or involving transformation or transformations.

    • ‘Dreamtime spirits are transformational in nature.’
    • ‘But in reality it has had a transformational effect.’
    • ‘Combine this momentum - the momentum from the focus that war gives us, the funding that we're getting from the war, and our transformational effort.’
    • ‘The factors behind it relate to a positive culture and transformational leadership.’
    • ‘It is about transformational leadership and bringing in a different spirit and ethics to management.’
    • ‘But I understood in some inexplicable way that when you work not just with your body and mind, but also with your spiritual self, art becomes a transformational experience.’
    • ‘Larger organisations, by contrast, are more often associated with transformational change involving structures, systems, procedures and cultures.’
    • ‘‘I went through a very difficult period in the 1960s, hugely transformational,’ he admits.’
    • ‘‘These will be transformational projects,’ she added.’
    • ‘I prefer to use the term transformational technologies.’
    • ‘Other clouds on his horizon are also of his own making, pressing on with unpopular health ‘reforms’ that are more totemic than transformational.’
    • ‘Bills of Rights are transformational documents that convert the occasional practice of free speech into a lexicon of necessity for journalists, lawyers, academics and citizens.’
    • ‘And there are some genuinely transformational attempts, notably in transport, to spend the government's way back into the electorate's affections.’
    • ‘I am pleased we have done the work and now got a route to what could bring about a huge transformational project for the whole district.’
    • ‘I love their darkness, the transformational aspect of them and the fact that they are always about girls in peril.’
    • ‘We have a transformational opportunity in this nation.’
    • ‘But it is much more evolutional than transformational - and it is not necessarily the solution for tomorrow's threats.’
    • ‘The film's promo-literature says the children go on a transformational journey - I disagree.’
    • ‘He is an amiable establishmentarian who finds himself with the opportunity to effect transformational change, and who is seizing that opportunity and pushing the system to its limits.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to transformational grammar.
      • ‘He offered an analysis of film structure founded on Chomsky's transformational linguistics but inspired few followers.’