Definition of transferral in English:



mass noun
  • The action of transferring someone or something.

    ‘the transferral of ownership in the form of a takeover’
    • ‘The town council is waiting for the formal documentation from the Charities Commission to seal the transferral.’
    • ‘The club are now appealing for all willing minority shareholders to write to the club with permission to make the transferral, enclosing the original share certificate.’
    • ‘Due to coppers excellent heat transferral properties it could be assumed that an all copper heatsink would perform quite well.’
    • ‘And it acts in a manner no one can yet explain, obeying the law of ownership and transferral.’
    • ‘The transferral of leases makes landlords unhappy because it forces them to supply a valid reason to refuse a potential tenant.’
    • ‘Indeed, a number of events since sovereignty transferral in 1997 directly point to that erosion.’
    • ‘There will be no public ceremony to mark the transferral of power, but the new leader is expected to give a public address once he has acceded to the throne.’
    • ‘Equally, the conventional use of incidental music in the theatre was a precedent for its transferral into the cinema.’
    • ‘The normal transferral process is essentially three stages.’
    • ‘It included the building of a new kitchen extension, the transferral of the staircase and the subdivision of a room into bedroom, hallway and bathroom.’
    • ‘I'm staying here to watch the transferral ceremony.’
    • ‘Both parties will also identify research areas that will improve the delivery of the TB control programme by monitoring patient transferral.’
    • ‘It's a really clumsy and nasty transferral, but that's popular science for you…’
    • ‘Even that would see the transferral of £70 bn of assets, with clear implications for fund managers' bottom lines.’
    • ‘It was not a proper spell of transferral, so another such transfer cannot be made.’
    • ‘How might these affect the transferral of actual thinking patterns between languages?’
    movement, move, moving, shifting, shift, handover, relocation, repositioning, transplant, redirection, conveyance, transference, removal, change, changeover, switch, conversion
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