Definition of transfer list in English:

transfer list


  • A soccer or rugby club's list of players available for transfer.

    • ‘You'll not be caught with a player on the transfer list for over a year here.’
    • ‘He was already on the transfer list after refusing to sign a new contract which would have made him the highest-paid player at the club.’
    • ‘If you don't accept this punishment I'm going to inform the chairman to put you on the transfer list.’
    • ‘Their manager recently circulated clubs that he had players available although he hasn't put anyone on the transfer list.’
    • ‘When I was at Tranmere Rovers, I spent eight months on the transfer list.’
    • ‘It was devastating to be placed on the transfer list, but I responded by scoring 11 goals in 11 games which was very satisfying.’
    • ‘He has asked to be put on the transfer list at a time when there has not been an acceptable offer and that has been rejected.’
    • ‘As for the rest of the players, I've been thinking about putting them all on the transfer list.’
    • ‘He was placed on the transfer list the season before last and went on trial at Lincoln but returned to City and earned a first team recall.’
    • ‘He has been placed on the transfer list and fined two weeks wages following his reaction to being substituted in the 1-0 home defeat to Rotherham on Saturday.’
    • ‘He admitted the 14-goal striker was now officially on the transfer list following their bust-up.’
    • ‘However, just months earlier, the former England youth international was thrown on the transfer list after scoring four goals in 31 appearances.’
    • ‘He replaces his cousin, who's been put on the transfer list after being caught smoking.’
    • ‘He had been fined at least twice for indiscipline and put on the transfer list.’
    • ‘The 23-year-old midfielder has been on the transfer list since 2001, however he still played a major part in their survival last season.’
    • ‘He's still on the transfer list but it's not a big deal because if anyone came in for him, and no one has, we wouldn't sell him.’


  • with object Make (a player) available for transfer.

    ‘the striker was fined and transfer-listed’
    ‘the transfer-listed goalkeeper’
    • ‘He will remain as a registered Belle Vue rider but he has been transfer-listed.’
    • ‘The former Wanderer heads a group of five Newcastle players transfer-listed by the club.’
    • ‘I had been tracking him for a couple of years and then I spotted that he had been transfer-listed and we put in a bid like a number of other clubs, and he came to us.’
    • ‘The victory came despite the sending-off of the transfer-listed midfielder after just ten minutes for violent conduct.’
    • ‘Hundreds of players have been transfer-listed across all clubs in an effort to reduce their wage bills, which can be astronomical in some lower divisions.’
    • ‘It is to that end that he expects to keep the seven players he transfer-listed last month, even though the transfer deadline does not apply to Championship clubs.’
    • ‘The transfer-listed attacking midfielder is suddenly back in from the cold at City.’
    • ‘Those who don't will simply be transfer-listed.’
    • ‘He said today: ‘They telephoned to tell me that I was being transfer-listed and that they would not be giving me any more meetings.’’
    • ‘The player has been transfer-listed by Leicester City after less than three months with the club.’
    • ‘If he had said the following while at a British club he would have been transfer-listed within hours.’
    • ‘He had been in a meeting with his chairman all morning, his star player was about to be transfer-listed and then there was the aftermath of the night before.’
    • ‘A player who was transfer-listed during his time there and had to continually prove his worth, he was also part of the squad which was forced to accept wage cuts last year.’