Definition of transfer fee in English:

transfer fee


  • A fee paid by one soccer or rugby club to another for the transfer of a player.

    • ‘The issue is the transfer system, where a player who has a contract with one club is not allowed to move to a different club unless a compensation fee, a transfer fee, is paid.’
    • ‘The move surprisingly fell through over the transfer fee, with United reportedly offering as little as £5 million.’
    • ‘It's rumoured he even paid his own transfer fee.’
    • ‘However, the two clubs have yet to officially confirm a transfer fee - United having increased their bid to £25 million over the weekend.’
    • ‘Everything has to be right, the transfer fee must be right and the player has to want to go.’
    • ‘What were once called footballers are now referred to as assets while the equation that equals a transfer fee is composed not just of a player's talent but also their marketability.’
    • ‘Yes, the player was on a hefty weekly wage and he also took a cut from the transfer fee, but the club must still have banked somewhere in the region of £6 million on the deal overall.’
    • ‘He said: ‘I am sure the agent has had his own interests at heart in this matter more than the player's, as he knew we would not be able to stump up such a large transfer fee.’’
    • ‘Personally I think that the maximum transfer fee should be around £3 million.’
    • ‘But this perception that agents are just there to take a percentage of either the transfer fee or the player's contract is wrong.’
    • ‘The sticking point would seem to be the transfer fee.’
    • ‘A player going to a first division team either up or down would command a registration transfer fee of say up to £1m.’
    • ‘It took about two weeks to agree a transfer fee and then the deal was done.’
    • ‘He would cost a transfer fee which Bolton could not afford.’
    • ‘The obtaining of such permission invariably involves the payment of a transfer fee to the former club, in ostensible compensation for the loss of the player concerned.’
    • ‘With only one year left on his contract, the transfer fee should be modest and his recent poor form may have scared off the big European clubs.’
    • ‘One obvious solution would be a transfer fee to be exchanged, but for now, he will continue an extended loan spell.’
    • ‘He also noted that she ‘can come at a reasonable price’ because, as there is no longer a women's professional league, there is no need to pay a transfer fee.’
    • ‘Any hopes of a transfer fee in exchange for his services looks increasingly remote though.’