Definition of transcriptase in English:



mass nounBiochemistry
  • An enzyme which catalyses the formation of RNA from a DNA template during transcription, or (reverse transcriptase) the formation of DNA from an RNA template in reverse transcription.

    • ‘A chromosome-specific cosmid library was screened with the amplified 240-bp npkA fragment identified in the differential display-reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction procedure.’
    • ‘Total RNA derived from dorsal and ventral skin was reverse transcribed using random hexamer primers and MMLV-reverse transcriptase.’
    • ‘We used the following key words: cancer, tumour markers, prognosis, various malignant diseases, and RT-PCR [reversed transcriptase and polymerase chain reaction].’
    • ‘The combination therapy of one protease inhibitor and two nucleoside transcriptase inhibitors has markedly increased the number of CD4 cells and decreased the viral load of patients.’