Definition of trans fat in English:

trans fat


  • another term for trans-fatty acid
    • ‘Did you know those things are full of trans-fats and carbs that will clog your arteries and send you to an early grave?’
    • ‘Unfortunately, labels at this time do not tell us the content of trans-fats in the product, but the words ‘partially hydrogenated’ will clue you in.’
    • ‘It said that trans-fat labeling would save 2,000 to 5,000 lives a year at little cost.’
    • ‘The more prominent the listing, the higher the trans-fat content.’
    • ‘New York City restaurants just say no to trans-fats.’
    • ‘But even if you never set foot in a fast-food joint, you can still inadvertently run up your trans-fat numbers.’
    • ‘We learn now that trans-fats (vegetable-based oils heated to bubbling point) are deadly; so much for those pakoras and tempura vegetables.’
    • ‘Do I want to go for the greasy popcorn coated with trans-fat butter-flavored oil?’
    • ‘Now you're petitioning the Food and Drug Administration to require trans-fat content to be listed on food labels.’
    • ‘The report suggests keeping trans-fat intake as low as possible.’
    • ‘They remind Americans to eat more whole grains and fruits and vegetables, while limiting consumption of trans-fats and alcohol.’
    • ‘If stir-frying, use a 50/50 oil-water mix instead of 100% off to cut calories, lower temperature, and slow trans-fat development.’
    • ‘Even more forward motion has been announced on the issue of trans-fat labeling.’
    • ‘It calls for a task force to work on how best to cut trans fats, followed by regulations or a law to limit trans-fat content in all food products.’


trans fat

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