Definition of trans-Tasman in English:



NZ, Australian
  • Between Australia and New Zealand, or involving people, organizations, etc. in both Australia and New Zealand.

    ‘they run the only dedicated daily trans-Tasman freighter between Sydney and Auckland’
    ‘the Australian banks are pushing for a single trans-Tasman regulator’
    • ‘Our lawyers will be out of work unless they start working on trans-Tasman ways of doing things.’
    • ‘The delegation jets off to New Zealand on Tuesday to see what sort of deal our trans-Tasman cousins can offer.’
    • ‘The main event was the Lou Smith trans-Tasman rugby challenge, a contest with more than 70 years' history.’
    • ‘It is very important, I would stress, that we have full trans-Tasman cooperation.’
    • ‘Late last January, the airline commenced trans-Tasman operations.’
    • ‘They collected 30,000 signatures opposed to the proposed trans-Tasman treaty.’
    • ‘Tourism organizations should be actively promoting and encouraging trans-Tasman travel.’
    • ‘We recently went to Australia as part of the trans-Tasman exchange.’
    • ‘The triangular tax involves the double-taxation of certain trans-Tasman investments.’
    • ‘I want to conclude on the important trans-Tasman mutual recognition agreements.’