Definition of trans-shipment in English:


(also transhipment)


  • See trans-ship

    • ‘The scheme would save trans-shipment costs at major ports like St. Petersburg or Novorossisk.’
    • ‘Trinidad itself does not have a major drugs problem, but its waters serve as a transhipment point for the drugs coming in from countries in Central America.’
    • ‘Many administration officials saw him as little more than a leftist leader of a country whose principal exports were refugees in rickety boats and transshipments of Colombian cocaine.’
    • ‘Merchant ships carried the bulk of the material from the USA in convoys, much of it to British ports for trans-shipment to its final destination.’
    • ‘All of our trade, the vast majority through transshipment, comes through Florida.’
    • ‘The second visit found 24 of the 51 factories visited suspected of being involved in transshipment, again close to a 50% suspicion rate.’
    • ‘Beyond a sound Laotian economy promoting stability in the region, Laos' government has stepped up efforts to combat cultivation, production and transshipment of opium, heroin and marijuana.’
    • ‘Otherwise, you need about 1,000 custom agents to stop these transshipments of unregulated products coming into the country.’
    • ‘To complement this lucrative source of traffic from the west, a large terminal facility was built on the Hudson, allowing transhipment to both coastal and ocean shipping.’
    • ‘At the end of the 1990s, Russian trans-shipments represented 7-9 per cent of the gross domestic product in Estonia, 8-10 per cent in Latvia and 4-6 per cent in Lithuania.’
    • ‘In the Fish Stocks Agreement this includes a power to inspect vessels in port and to prohibit landing or transhipment of illegally caught stock.’