Definition of tramping boots in English:

tramping boots

plural noun

  • Stout footwear designed for long-distance recreational walks in rough country.

    ‘bring tramping boots or sturdy walking sandals’
    • ‘Both of the short legs had flattish ground and could easily have been done without tramping boots.’
    • ‘I had changed into my tramping boots to adapt to the riskier terrain.’
    • ‘I've been getting a bit of athlete's foot from walking around in my tramping boots all day every day.’
    • ‘I love having my feet on the ground, preferably in tramping boots or barefoot and a little dirty!’
    • ‘The physio told me that the back of my tramping boots was rubbing my achilles tendon—a common problem apparently.’
    • ‘The once-lonely fells are now the haunt of hordes of gaudily clad people destroying the fragile soils with their myriad tramping boots.’
    • ‘Give me the tramping boots any day.’
    • ‘I realized that I should not have worn tramping boots and left my gumboots in the cabin.’
    • ‘I'd been wearing my tramping boots all day, so I took them off and danced barefoot.’
    • ‘Sunday, beautiful sunshine, thick socks inside comfortable tramping boots, a pack on my back, and some hills to climb.’