Definition of tramping in English:



mass nounNZ
  • The recreational activity of going for long-distance walks in rough country.

    ‘eight days of tramping means you have to think seriously about each item you carry’
    • ‘She has enjoyed her stay, despite encountering cyclones, and managed to do some tramping and sightseeing around the glaciers on the West Coast.’
    • ‘Go there for good baking, and eat there or buy lunch for tramping.’
    • ‘"There are no tents in tramping," he lectures, shaking his black beard.’
    • ‘When he's not taking care of business, he enjoys gardening, walking, and tramping—he has walked most of the great walks in the country.’
    • ‘Her website lists her interests as gardening, swimming, tramping, kayaking, reading, and music.’
    • ‘Those of you interested in surfing, swimming, and tramping should check out my first article for a general overview of West Auckland.’
    • ‘The winter months were for ice climbing and tramping in the mountains.’
    • ‘One of the highlights of any South Island trip is the range of guided hikes into the wilderness—Kiwis call this tramping.’
    • ‘The final 90 minutes took three hours because of the gradual incline we hadn't taken into account—I soon learned this is one of the fundamental laws of tramping.’
    • ‘Try out bungee jumping, go tramping, see the sights on horseback, swim with dolphins—there is plenty to see and do in New Zealand.’