Definition of tramline in English:



  • 1A railway track for a tramcar.

    • ‘The tramlines were removed and diesel buses took over.’
    • ‘It is a Thirties clockwork race game, in which two tin spaceships take turns to advance along a tramline track.’
    • ‘By 1999 the cost of dismantling and repairing them and reinstalling them next to the tramlines was put at £80,000.’
    • ‘They also unearthed old tramlines beneath the layers of tarmac which had to be dug up.’
    • ‘The line judges on the baseline and the tramline thought it was a winner, too, but the player begged to differ.’
    • ‘Previously, the tramline had closed in 1937 due to economic measures and the cost of replacing the miniature engines.’
    • ‘But critics of trams claim the huge initial cost and lengthy delays in planning new tramlines Croydon took 11 years will take decades to be recouped.’
    • ‘There are empty oil drums protruding from the bank, long steel girders lying above the waterfall (believed to be the old tramline tracks from Melville), and large blocks of concrete scattered around.’
    • ‘In particular, they are concerned about a new tramline and suburban railway which is supposed to be completed in time for the event.’
    • ‘The extension of the tramline is essential for the city's continued prosperity.’
    • ‘Twenty-one tramlines, 11 trolley lines and about 200 bus lines make up the transport network.’
    • ‘In the seven years that Holyrood has spewed out documents on a tramline that may never be built, other cities have reorganised their public transport infrastructure.’
    • ‘I found out later that when you were driving over tramlines, even if the tyres didn't exactly match the width of the rails - which they very often did - you could skid.’
    • ‘It is complete madness to consider driving tramlines through the park.’
    • ‘Huge city blocks reached high into the sky and a tramline ran on tracks suspended forty feet in the air.’
    • ‘Excavation work at the beginning of the project led to disused cellars, old water and gas pipes and old tramlines being unearthed.’
    • ‘I remember one hot morning the tar on the road melted and I got the wheel of my bicycle caught in the tramlines, and was smothered in melted tar.’
    rail, line
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    1. 1.1 An inflexible principle or course of action.
      ‘when choosing a job, do pupils simply follow academic tramlines?’
      • ‘Sharp and sudden changes of political direction show that the political development of states was not running along social, cultural, or economic tramlines.’
      • ‘But it's clear that such ‘dialogue’ is itself to be conducted within a set of tramlines.’
      • ‘Yet these are invaluable tramlines that can guide purposeful human action.’
      • ‘It has assembled a group of journalists who subscribe to its outlook and who are expected to think independently and avoid party tramlines.’
      • ‘His mind runs on tramlines - a bit like his manager's to tell the truth.’