Definition of training wheels in English:

training wheels

plural noun

North American
  • A pair of small supporting wheels fitted on either side of the rear wheel of a child's bicycle.

    • ‘We'll have those training wheels off in no time.’
    • ‘His immediate response: ‘Did the training wheels fall off?’’
    • ‘The package was completed by a set of training wheels, to help diminish his understandable fear of falling off that had scuppered our previous attempts.’
    • ‘The best that Europe can expect for catching up is polite acknowledgment and perhaps a, ‘now let's see you try it without the training wheels.’’
    • ‘In those days, at least in that part of England, there were no such things as training wheels and the smallest bicycles had twenty-four-inch wheels.’
    • ‘‘When he was 4 he jumped on a bicycle - no training wheels - and just rode off,’ says Bill.’
    • ‘So I went home and thought up more visual jokes, coming up with props like high heels with training wheels for young girls.’
    • ‘To make a specious analogy - when you give people a space-hopper rather than a bike with training wheels, you can't really be surprised when they never graduate to the bicycle in adulthood…’
    • ‘A pair of reserve offensive tackles must lose their training wheels in a matter of hours.’
    • ‘‘I bet she's gonna do a plant-face,’ says her brother, sitting sullenly on his own, much smaller bike, which still has training wheels.’
    • ‘I read my first chapter book, I learned to ride my bike without training wheels, and I figured out that the worst word in the world rhymes with ‘duck’.’
    • ‘Tonight on the sidewalk, a father and son coming home, the boy carrying a shiny new pair of training wheels and grinning.’
    • ‘It was like taking the training wheels off - but they were there if we needed them.’
    • ‘I can't do it, daddy can I have my training wheels back?’
    • ‘I didn't get my training wheels off until fifth grade, and I still can't get on one of those infernal contraptions without falling into a ditch or rolling over a pebble and flying off into oblivion.’
    • ‘From the day you ditched your training wheels to the time your braces came off, your best guy pal has been there.’
    • ‘He could remember scenes when Nora was four, and he had pushed her down the driveway on her bicycle without her training wheels.’
    • ‘This is like a kid who can't quite get the hang of riding a bike without any training wheels, who decides that everything would improve if he enters the Tour de France.’


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