Definition of training college in English:

training college


  • (in the UK) a college where people, typically prospective teachers, are trained.

    • ‘Her expertise led her to become a dancing teacher while still in her teens and to specialise in it while at a primary school teachers' training college in Glasgow.’
    • ‘He recognised the whole educational ladder from elementary school to university, practically created science teaching, and formed efficient training colleges for teachers.’
    • ‘More schools and a teacher training college were built in Soweto.’
    • ‘St. Vincent has a technical college and a teacher training college affiliated with the University of the West Indies.’
    • ‘The courses currently in teacher training colleges are adapting.’
    • ‘Graduates of secondary schools in Kenya who do not go on to university or teacher training colleges seek technical or secretarial schooling.’
    • ‘There was a time when the Presbyterian Church had a training college for teachers known as Naparima Training College.’
    • ‘A student teacher was expelled by the governors of her teacher training college for sharing her room with a man.’
    • ‘In the 1960s and 1970s, new universities were founded, including the first regional university and a number of technical colleges and teacher training colleges.’
    • ‘The first stage of Bradford's new £35,000 training college for nursery school teachers came into use today, and 80 students arrived to start their studies.’
    • ‘The two teacher training colleges have had little or no capital programmes in recent years, despite significant growth in student numbers since the mid-1990s.’
    • ‘He said one student deferred and stated that 40 per cent of all students would go onto third level, including apprenticeships and teacher training colleges.’
    • ‘Voice coaching used to be offered in teacher training colleges but was edged out years ago because of time pressures.’
    • ‘Top teacher training colleges report that graduates can't find jobs as schools hold back from recruiting.’
    • ‘With only three weeks until the academic year begins, some teacher training colleges are less than half full.’
    • ‘However, post-secondary education is offered at a teachers' training college, a technical college, and a nursing school.’
    • ‘She travelled to South Africa as a teenager where she went to a teacher training college in Cape Town.’
    • ‘A training college for headteachers will help ‘transform’ the teaching profession, says the Prime Minister.’
    • ‘Teacher training colleges and student groups expressed concern about the implications for the quality of the profession and also questioned the length of the course.’
    • ‘In addition there are four students in teacher training colleges and 33 students in Institutes of Technology doing degree, certificate and diploma programmes.’
    theological college, rabbinical college, talmudical college, academy, training institute, school, high school, conservatory
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training college