Definition of trailing edge in English:

trailing edge


  • 1The rear edge of a moving body, especially an aircraft wing or propeller blade.

    • ‘It used large, one-piece skins that wrapped around the leading edge and were riveted into place at the trailing edge.’
    • ‘The leading and trailing edges of the blades were shaped so as to optimize hydrodynamic performance.’
    • ‘In flight, their long wings have a pale trailing edge.’
    • ‘Ailerons are wide span, covering nearly 40% of the wing's trailing edge.’
    • ‘The fourth and fifth fingers run from the leading edge to the trailing edge of the wing, and stretched across all the fingers is a thin, flexible skin.’
    • ‘This airplane had been grounded for about a year as changes to the leading and trailing edges of the wings were made.’
    • ‘Wood and brass greeted us and we settled into our seats on the starboard side just under the wing's trailing edge.’
    • ‘The leading-edge root extensions blend smoothly to the wing panels, which are fitted with deflectable slats on the leading edge; flaps and ailerons on the trailing edge.’
    • ‘The deployment of trailing edge flaps and leading edge slats on the wing changes the aerodynamic balance of the airplane.’
    • ‘Flaps along the trailing edge of airplane wings have the same effect.’
    • ‘To minimise radar signature, sweep angles are identical for the leading and trailing edges of the wing and tail (planform alignment).’
    • ‘We had begun in routine fashion, starting at the trailing edge of the port wing and heading in opposite directions around the aircraft.’
    • ‘Both the leading edge and the trailing edge are substantially straight and are positioned at the same angle relative to a radial axis passing through a mid-point of each edge, respectively.’
    • ‘He built up the aft portion of the fuselage to meet the trailing edge of the wing and closed in the cockpit, making it a hybrid Monocoupe.’
    • ‘Very slow stall with slotted leading edges and trailing edge flaps.’
    • ‘By doing so it is possible to uniformly print a sheet from a leading edge to a trailing edge and form a better-quality image.’
    • ‘It is diamond-kite shaped with a 55° backward sweep on the leading edge and a 35° forward sweep on the trailing edge.’
    • ‘On this clean surface, the full-size wing was drawn with the leading edge, trailing edge, spars, and ribs all correctly located.’
  • 2Electronics
    The part of a pulse in which the amplitude diminishes.

    • ‘Electrostatic image transfer device having a two level transfer voltage for improving image quality at leading and trailing edge regions’
    • ‘Therefore, the trailing edge of the hyperpolarizing pulse finds the charge in its resting state.’


trailing edge

/treɪlɪŋ ˈɛdʒ/