Definition of trafficker in English:



  • A person who deals or trades in something illegal.

    ‘a convicted drug trafficker’
    ‘the most notorious arms trafficker in the world’
    • ‘The luggage is well-suited for use by drug traffickers smuggling ecstasy.’
    • ‘I met women who were sold by human traffickers.’
    • ‘One of the latest scams is a chemical process that allows traffickers to sneak cocaine past sniffer dogs.’
    • ‘Smuggling methods are seemingly limited only by a trafficker's imagination.’
    • ‘The country has agreed to extradite a number of captured drug traffickers and other criminals for trial.’
    • ‘The threat of corruption and subversion by drug traffickers requires strong, cross-border teamwork.’
    • ‘A suspected trafficker was arrested attempting to bring in four people.’
    • ‘The drug traffickers averaged more than $50,000 a day in profits.’
    • ‘He believes that the traffickers follow the traditional southern smuggling routes.’
    • ‘The activities of drug traffickers cause many problems.’