Definition of traffic warden in English:

traffic warden


  • A uniformed official employed to locate and report on infringements of parking regulations.

    • ‘I'd parked on Saville Street, in Malton, and had completely forgotten I was interviewing a traffic warden later that day.’
    • ‘He said there was no problem while a traffic warden made regular patrols, but he had not seen one since Christmas.’
    • ‘They count a chef, a traffic warden, a prison custody officer and a bank clerk among their number.’
    • ‘The traffic warden was hardly ever here but if he's not here at all it will be ridiculous.’
    • ‘But when he went back to his van, he found a traffic warden had handed him a £30 ticket for parking illegally in the street.’
    • ‘On arrival my Dad struggled to explain to a traffic warden that he did have to park here thank you, and that hundreds of other parents would be doing so imminently.’
    • ‘There was an altercation outside between a fellow who had parked illegally and a traffic warden.’
    • ‘There is even a traffic warden controlled area where pupils who do not park their tricycles and other play vehicles properly get parking tickets.’
    • ‘A traffic warden gave him a ticket when he parked there himself.’
    • ‘The traffic warden was still there chatting to someone parked in the loading only bay.’
    • ‘In the Kennet district the traffic warden is employed by the police but under a contract with Kennet which pays the costs of the service.’
    • ‘Residents awoke on Bank Holiday Monday morning to discover the traffic warden had gone down the street, before 9am, issuing the tickets.’
    • ‘But a traffic warden, randomly checking roads in Chessington on Good Friday, slapped four tickets on to cars belonging to residents.’
    • ‘But then came the traffic warden who, like the child who always has to spoil things, slapped a ticket on the ‘waiting’ car.’
    • ‘I noticed a traffic warden booking a car for parking illegally in a disabled parking bay.’
    • ‘A traffic warden's job is, after all, a vital one.’
    • ‘An amateur snapper couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted a traffic warden parking on double yellow lines to issue a ticket.’
    • ‘She said she thought the traffic warden was picking on her because she appeared able but had parked where only disabled permit-holders were allowed.’
    • ‘I parked illegally and asked a traffic warden on patrol if I could leave it there for a couple of minutes.’
    • ‘Great I thought - that will please the traffic warden.’


traffic warden