Definition of traffic circle in English:

traffic circle


  • A road junction at which traffic moves in one direction round a central island to reach one of the roads converging on it; a roundabout.

    • ‘Across from the Ministry of Sports, the traffic circle is dominated by a monument to the Olympics.’
    • ‘If there were a traffic circle it would perhaps make it less dangerous.’
    • ‘But in comparison to the work done on reducing the garbage can size limit last year, the work on the traffic circle introduction was downright brilliant.’
    • ‘I quit being afraid when we turned right at the traffic circle.’
    • ‘I washed my hands and stood drying them at the window facing the traffic circle outside the office.’
    • ‘It truly has its own ‘local flavor’; like traffic lights at a traffic circle.’
    • ‘It's next to Hotel President and across the traffic circle from the Hyatt.’
    • ‘A lot of people are bringing up good issues - where a traffic circle or humps should be.’
    • ‘The Official Learner Driver's Book instructs learners quite clearly on how to negotiate a traffic circle.’
    • ‘A separate monument located in Timbuktu celebrates the peace accord; still another monument on a traffic circle in Bamako also commemorates the settlement.’
    • ‘They slowed, briefly to slip around a traffic circle.’
    • ‘But what appeared at first to be a happy, peaceful scene soon turned into a nightmare as people realized the children were homeless and living on the streets around the traffic circle.’
    • ‘As the convoy prepares to enter the traffic circle, the rear gun truck is positioned to block the flow of traffic into the traffic circle from the rear.’
    • ‘The big shock last summer was the traffic circle and miniature lighthouse, built at the end of the strip of shops and restaurants along this road.’
    • ‘The second route will serve the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Central Jakarta and Rawamangun in East Jakarta.’
    • ‘In between is what used to be a traffic circle with weeds shining through it.’
    • ‘As there is a lot of open grass in this area there should be plenty of room for a traffic circle.’
    • ‘Surely, the roundabout or traffic circle will direct automobiles in the city of the mind.’
    • ‘The spillover crowd blocked the infamous traffic circle as people jocked for entry.’
    • ‘The pack stays tight, shoot some metal polls, off the curb, round the traffic circle, hop a curb, back down and someone wonders where I'm taking us.’


traffic circle