Definition of traditionalist in English:



  • An advocate of maintaining tradition, especially so as to resist change.

    ‘traditionalists feared that the character of the building might be lost’
    ‘a liberal approach that angered traditionalists’
    • ‘He is a traditionalist and is said to have opposed the constitutional changes.’
    • ‘Traditionalists are right to be concerned about potentially harmful impact of tall buildings on historic settings.’
    • ‘The traditionalists use metal sewing thimbles but lot of people have trouble keeping them on their fingers.’
    • ‘There are timber-frame houses that are still crafted in the timeless way by woodworking traditionalists.’
    • ‘In recent years, he has consistently used paint on his clay rather than glazes, which distresses traditionalists.’
    conservative, right-winger, rightist, reactionary
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  • Advocating the upholding or maintenance of tradition.

    ‘a Latin prayer used by traditionalist Catholics’
    ‘his traditionalist stance on the ordination of women’
    • ‘This meant that women were encouraged to stay at home and maintain traditionalist forms of dress, including beadwork.’
    • ‘Whether she will maintain their commitment to innovation or adopt a more traditionalist approach remains to be seen.’
    • ‘At the undergraduate level, some schools offer traditionalist approaches to education.’
    • ‘The elders enjoy high prestige and occupy a high social status in a traditionalist culture.’
    • ‘Very little had, at that time, been published on southern African traditionalist art forms.’
    conservative, traditional, established, accepted, orthodox, conventional, reactionary
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