Definition of tradie in English:



  • A tradesman or tradeswoman.

    ‘thieves often target tradies' utes and work vehicles for tools and other valuable equipment’
    • ‘He said it was the hardest work he's ever done as a tradie but undoubtedly the most rewarding.’
    • ‘I'm at a site at the moment where I have a number of tradies doing some work for me.’
    • ‘Tradies who take on a new apprentice before the end of February will get a $3350 bonus.’
    • ‘Some tradie had spilled a huge tin of white paint on the road then driven through the wet paint.’
    • ‘Friday afternoon we are sitting outside at the Wye River Hotel surrounded by tradies necking stubbies.’
    • ‘I had tradies come to the house and do work - at the end they give me a bill and I whip my phone out and do a transfer to their bank account right in front of them.’
    • ‘A whole lot of tradies came to help us out.’
    • ‘I have near misses with tradies on a regular basis who refuse to give way at traffic lights and roundabouts.’
    • ‘This is great news for tradies and builders in the housing construction industry.’
    • ‘If you hire tradies who've worked together before and encourage them to coordinate with one another, it will make the building process go more smoothly.’