Definition of trade route in English:

trade route


  • A long-distance route along which commercial goods are transported.

    ‘a system of ancient trade routes linking East and West Asia’
    ‘Dutch ships explored new trade routes and brought back a great variety of commodities’
    • ‘The fertile land of Syria lies at the crossroads of great trade routes between the East and West.’
    • ‘The major trade routes were sea lanes round England.’
    • ‘They aimed to curtail the aggressive territorial expansion and monopolization of the trade routes of the Adriatic Sea.’
    • ‘We need to build castles of security along trade routes that feature security technology equivalent to the moats, drawbridges, and watch towers of that period.’
    • ‘You can lose livestock or fall short on harvest, but developing trade routes can help you survive these hardships.’
    • ‘Land and sea trade routes brought an abundance of designs in earlier times, suggesting Ottoman Turkish, Andalusian, Balkan, and Algerian influences.’
    • ‘Much came through trade routes from East Africa, above all through Swahili traders, who obtained the tusks from the African interior and exported these to Europe and to the East.’
    • ‘The clans formed by the kinship networks each had their own oral traditions of origin, typically of migrations along the trade routes from a conventional place of origin.’
    • ‘By the fourteenth century, trade routes to the wealthy salt, gold, ivory, and slave markets in North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East had sprung up across the territory.’
    • ‘Lodges provided food and shelter along the trade routes.’