Definition of trade plates in English:

trade plates

plural noun

  • Temporary number plates used by car dealers or manufacturers on unlicensed cars.

    • ‘Who is allowed to drive a car with trade plates, is it limited to the dealer or can anybody drive them?’
    • ‘People use trade plates for different purposes and reasons, depending on their occupation and business.’
    • ‘How do I obtain trade plates and can they be used on an unregistered car?’
    • ‘The increase for a pair of trade plates will be €27.’
    • ‘A pair of trade plates is issued with the trade licence for display on the front and rear of a vehicle and they can be transferred from one vehicle to another.’
    • ‘Temporary trade plates have a numeric two digit office code in red and a three digit serial in black.’
    • ‘Bear in mind that few trade plates from northern Norway are seen in southern Norway, where I live.’