Definition of trade journal in English:

trade journal


  • A periodical containing news and items of interest concerning a particular trade.

    • ‘The report was published in the December 1995 issue of the trade journal.’
    • ‘A politics graduate, she edited a trade journal in the US before joining the UK press office of Condé Nast in the mid-Nineties where colleagues recall her formidable networking skills.’
    • ‘A report in the trade journal said that the £450m barrier had been breached, adding an extra £19m on to the current £431m total.’
    • ‘It was either pick up the extra sections, or get another part-time job (I already had one, editing a trade journal in Manhattan), while also attempting to complete my dissertation.’
    • ‘In contrast, a trade management system, the stock trade journal of record, would rely more on the guarantee that entered trades get processed into the trading system.’
    • ‘One of the first rules of journalism, which I myself practiced for nigh on 20 years including two years as editor of a well-known trade journal, is to double check the spelling of names.’
    • ‘When it first came out I thought it was the trade journal for plumbers and central heating engineers.’
    • ‘Marketing efforts have so far consisted of demonstration projects, trade show exhibits, trade journal publicity, press releases, word of mouth, and information kits for potential buyers.’
    • ‘It wasn't only the industry that thought clinical research was unimportant, but the industry's most prominent trade journal as well.’
    • ‘In one trade journal, a hog farmer remarked: ‘One reason large confinement systems have worked so well is because of antibiotics.’’
    • ‘Suppliers engage in various forms of promotion, from having websites to trade journal advertising.’
    • ‘And a growing number of cinema therapy websites, online discussion groups and at least one trade journal litter the internet.’
    • ‘If you don't want to talk about what is happening in your company, what do you want to read about in a trade journal?’
    • ‘According to its trade journal, the industry makes ‘staggering ‘profits.’’
    • ‘What could be more important than a trade journal concerned with the solvency of business people?’