Definition of tradable in English:


(also tradeable)


  • See trade

    • ‘Without rigidly enforced property rights, dispute settlement procedures and boundaries for what is tradeable and what is not, there could be no effective system of trade.’
    • ‘It is estimated that foreign investors now own 40 percent of the US government's tradeable debt, 26 percent of US corporate bonds and 13 percent of US equities.’
    • ‘At the real exchange rate set largely by foreign decision-makers, a huge excess demand for tradeable goods and services - and so the trade deficits - emerges.’
    • ‘He likens public education to a tradeable commodity, subject to the same free-market competition rules as soybeans, bobblehead dolls and softwood lumber.’
    • ‘His current research interests include the use of tradeable permits and other economic incentives for water allocation and water quality, local air pollution, and fisheries.’