Definition of trackside in English:



  • The area adjacent to a railway track or a sports track.

    • ‘Two of the carriages have been removed from the trackside and the third is due to be lifted clear of the track by cranes on Sunday.’
    • ‘He hit a trackside barrier, suffered serious head, chest and neck injuries and died in hospital two weeks later.’
    • ‘Large mirrors by the trackside allow you to see what is happening, while the car slowly pitches and tosses its way across the obstacles like a weary bronco.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, he lost some time in the morning session when a transmission problem saw his car stop at the trackside during his second run.’
    • ‘The dog trapped poorly, ran disappointingly, and when I met Marlyn with the dog at the trackside, I immediately noticed he was over duly distressed.’
    • ‘Three trackside workers were killed in accidents in 2003 and 84 were badly hurt, six per cent down on 2002.’
    • ‘In this I include not only the stations but also a lot of the trackside which is often overgrown where it isn't strewn with litter and debris.’
    • ‘Smoke is billowing from his car, which is parked by the trackside.’
    • ‘Spectators booking in advance will make significant savings and secure their place trackside.’
    • ‘The vast ground features a running track between the trackside and the stands, though, and United do not consider it an intimidating venue.’
    • ‘Our short-term focus is looking to expand our trackside merchandise - for instance, putting more locations in each facility.’
    • ‘It provides cover for kart, tools and equipment while in storage, in transit or at the trackside - including damage to the chassis during races.’
    • ‘He said he had the most remarkable feeling of invincibility as he and the other passengers were led to safety along the trackside.’
    • ‘Curiously weak-kneed and breathless, I climb onto the trackside and check my time: 74.16 seconds.’
    • ‘The trackside is also a lot cleaner as well, less litter and junk, spare sleepers and track padlocked and secured to immovable objects, no empty cans of flammable grease left lying around.’
    • ‘I wonder if readers, who are also rail users, would agree that the issue of littering in the town extends very much to the railway trackside on the approaches to Bolton station.’

adverb & adjective

  • By the side of a railway track or sports track.

    [as adjective] ‘a trackside bookmaker’
    [as adverb] ‘rail fans will enjoy sitting trackside’